Monday, July 2, 2007


This is the clearing where
I made my peace
On that day I will never forget
After three decades plus a few more
Never has there been a single regret
Surrender was made in finality
As I stood on my permissable path
Downtrodden with my own defeat
Tired of my own rath
Several oaths had been made before
But this time was different
It is the one I adore
Finally my decision to open the door
To let the power in
I was sat down as if by a mighty hand
Only to be shown my final stand
Peering inside of myself
The crude formation
Of what I had been
In my transformation
Somewhere I had lost my way
Wandering the country day by day
Nobody knew my real name
Just the same-it was only a game
It had all been like a fairy tale
Nothing could be grasped
Like wind in a sail
Stranded along the sanbar
A deserted ship
Hollow on the inside
Blood flows from my bitten lip
The vision and the word
I command unto my own mind
Truth was my inner vision
Now I must make haste to find
A familiar path from long ago
Trodden down with many weeds
Accountability for all of my actions
Humility for all the deeds
Now to see the err of my ways
To spend the rest of my living days
Climbing up that vine of ivy
That takes me back from whence I came
Nothing can ever be the same
I am chained to the words that rule
Placing them carefully in open spaces
It is a constant duel
The words are gifts in restitution
For that which was not replaced
Forevermore to walk carefully
In recompense for my actions in haste

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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