Monday, July 2, 2007

"Hidden Thoughts"

Each night is the same
It is a relentless game
I don't remember any faces
It's just the way I make my living
No amount of money can compensate
For what it is that I'm giving
I am numb to being touched
Words spoken to me fall upon
Deaf ears
Nothing can be said to console me
Or to wipe away my tears
Still there is this little girl inside
That does not accept that I have died
Late at night when all is quiet
She speaks to me alone
We remember the innocent days
Before I took on this grindstone
Somewhere in the world I have a mother
She does not know my location
Somewhere in the world I have a brother
He does not know my vocation
Somewhere in the world I have a child
She does not know who I am
Better for her so she has a chance
To grow up an innocent lamb
No longer am I filled with bitter remorse
For what I have chosen to be
A sun sets and frees me from the shadows
From which I cannot flee
There is no God that hears my voice
My pleas fell upon deaf ears
There is no hope for me to cope
Entangled in my own fears
I'm not like the other girls
I don't do drugs or fall in love
Perhaps the little girl inside
Will be my shining dove
Maybe she will lead the way
Down the winding path
I shall escape the willing rape
From animals that grope me in their rath

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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