Monday, July 2, 2007


My name is Collage
I'm like a mirage
My image is of the many seasons
Springtime is my birth
All is in mirth
Birds sing my name for no other reason
I am in my innocence in this season
Summer is my youth
I am spreading my wings
For the first of times
Discovering many things
All is new but soon becomes old
In this season I am bold
Autumn is my time of maturity
My life shall not place me into obscurity
The work I have done
In my labour under the sun
Shall be remembered by all
Forever more they shall
Hear my voice call
Winter is my season of expire
Still I have many memories
Of things I greatly admire
My tree has expanded
My seeds have been planted
A resemblance of myself
Shall appear in the spring
Good planting takes preparation
The soil must be cleared of all rubble
Rubble represents the carnage in the world
The root and cause of all trouble
Once it is cleared the soil must be tilled
To ensure there is plenty of air
Fertilizing the soil is a must
To prevent work done in despair
Tilling the soil represents cleansing
Fertilization is in preparation of the seed
Ensuring growth will be taken on proper
Covering all of the need
To keep oneself clean and without impurity
All that is planted will be recieved well
Mixtures of elements once there is planting
Sun and moisture that will compel
Tending the planting by cropping of weeds
Weeds represent selfish needs
Weeds come up in all seasons of life
But there is no need for them to cause strife
The daily process nips it in the bud
Dispelling misinformation before it takes root
Soon comes harvest time
When the planter shall share in the fruit
If all has been done in accordance
Then the fruit will be sweet
And pleasant to the eye
Many will grow into other trees
Who will cause to multiply
The Origin of Species in its survival
Applied to the species of humans
Who are able to outshine all creation
In excess of all combined lumens

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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