Monday, July 2, 2007

"Final Memory of no Regrets"

That spoon was used for afternoon tea
Our conversation was most enthralling
Little did I know like the rising of steam
That the voice from beyond had been calling
There was an odd stillness yesterday
Like a quiet Sunday midmorning
Oddly enough in recognition
The nudging of a gentle warning
That string of pearls she played with
We traded stories and laughter
Oblivious to any stirrings about
Or as to what may be upon the rafter
I now realize that its presence was there
Even so in gentle care
Patiently awaiting to perform the deed
When time becomes irrelevant
Expirations must take the lead
Almost as if in slow motion I watched
As she placed her glasses on the lace
It seemed extremely focused and intentional
As many times before she had done in grace
Then silence befell the room in a hush
There seemed to be no impending rush
The clock ticked by slowly like a metronome
Upon the wall
Bluebirds in the background heard singing
There was no indication in their call
Shafts of sunlight filled the room
Bits of dust seen basking in the light
A peacefullnes fullfilled my heart
In observation of her ascention up the stairs
Bidding me a good night
In finality her door closed
As it had many times
She would not rise again
The ticking clock faithfully chimes
I am afraid to touch those pearls
Or to move the objects upon the table
Hanging on to those last moments
Like a child seduced by some fable
I will have the fond memories
Her face I will see no more
But there is a smile upon my brow
It is also upon my face as I take notice to the floor
Remembering the sounds of her footsteps
Faintly I say faintly in the memory I shall adore

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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