Monday, July 2, 2007

"Inconsolable Declarations"

My decision to take
A vacation from life
On an indefinite break
Not for the benefit
Of all those I know
But only for my own sake
I am amongst many new piers
There is Sarah who is always in tears
Mr.Benedict who cries out his fears
Then there is Eugene who talks to his hat
I almost forgot Willie who has a pet rat
The rat seems to know more about life
Than Winston who paces the hall
He has been a tenant for thirty three years
He sleeps in the shower stall
Miles hugs an old dead tree
He found on a walk one day
Henry stands upon the wall
It's his idea of play
He talks to himself most of the time
Getting many answers as well
Fred stands on his chair in the corner
Preaching on heaven and hell
Mary jumps with her invisible rope
Its the only way she knows how to cope
Then there is me I am up on the ledge
Observing this circus of loons
Soon it will be their medication time
The ultimate of all the lampoons
Drowsy eyelids as they eat their meal
Dead silence in the dining hall
Soon it will be time for bed
Before they begin to fall
Like dominoes they stand in a stack
Ready to be thrown on top of the rack
They march in single file to the doom of their room
Until sunrise comes when they will resume
The three ring circus again will begin
We are the clowns of the loony bin
But as in the world we are the patients
Who run this institution
To remain here on vacation it seems
Is the only sensible solution

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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