Monday, July 2, 2007

"Smiling Heart"

As if there were always someone waiting
Who's at my back door
Peering in with wide open eyes
As I pace the wooden floor
Deep in thought searching for words
I must set aside my search for now
Impossible to ignore that face at the door
It's time for a break anyhow
So many questions she asks of me
As she sits there upon my porch
It is a special thing asked of me
To be her shining torch
For now I must be her knight in armour
Little does she know I am worse
Than Don Quixote fumbling about
But to her I am the universe
She is the child who lives next door
Another lives down the street
On the other side of town are five more
That I have yet to meet
For some reason I am the magnet
That attracts them to my heart
But gladness is with me every time
Until comes the time to part
It is a time for the mending of wings
A time when the sweet sparrow
Of innocence sings
My ears take in the melody so soft
As I wave them goodby from atop my loft
Remembering all those faces
So impossible to forget

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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