Friday, July 13, 2007


Riding the rails down the railroad track;
I'm never goin' home and I'm never lookin' back;
Down through the country as the towns go by;
And I think of the times in the years;
When my mother would sing to me 'til I slept;
Her songs quenched all of my fears;
She would never know how I came to ride rails;
Now I feel the locomotive as it pulls;
For there are no more tears left to shed;
I have left behind a city of fools;
It is as though a parched dream's path;
There is no pity in the mosaic city;
Grinding and crushing-tearing and pulling;
At people's minds and hearts;
As the soot and grime take their place upon;
The collars of shirts and inhabit their nostrils;
Feet are pounding upon the pavement;
Sick dogs who are an hungered and in belly pain;
Gutters await to castigate;
Awaiting for the murder of the falling rain;
All will be washed amidst the sleeping city;
Like a fine tuned calliope as it plays;
On the merry go round as horses abound;
One more clown bites the dust;
The mighty three ring circus continues onward;
In the metropolis of utter disgust;
And if not for the sun when it's all said and done;
Yet not a tear in even one blind eye;
Nobody even bothers to question why;
As the band plays on until dusk;


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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