Friday, July 13, 2007

"The tree of knowledge"

The Garden of Eden is an urban legend;
They hid themselves amongst the trees;
Trees are cultures-their leaves are their children;
Even Lilith sees;
In our day and age it is all the same;
Hoping to mix into the crowd;
To avoid detection of our mind's erection;
That which is concealed by the shroud;
First came images placed on the walls;
Of decaying ancient caves;
But first there was the prism spread;
And sounds which became music to the ear;
The images scratched onto the walls;
To help man cope with his fear;
All things are not from this earth;
But were sent here from far beyond;
We look to the sky and wonder why;
In utter ignorance to the bond;
The fruit upon the tree was edible;
From the branch that held it fast;
The bite taken from the fruit was;
A thing we do to this day from the past;
It is the taste of flesh into our mouths;
Before it was borne and planted unto seed;
We know the difference between good and evil;
That is not a man's creed;
Choices to look in another direction;
Ignoring the voices from within;
Craving the taste of exasperation;
Recorded by the prostrated djin;

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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