Friday, July 13, 2007

"Fate within the folds of time"

The place of the meeting of minds;
When all is said and done;
Upon the checkerboard of fates;
In suspension along the dream paths;
Beyond the borders of time;
Into horizons of never before;
To a place where all may adore;
A place of creation;
Amongst all the spheres;
Who have recieved their colors;
Like medals of honor;
According to the records of their deeds;
They are all gathered in a great hall in rows;
No color has yet been created;
One can peer into and see their clarity;
For the ones that are cloudy;
They are escorted out another way;
All are before the great roving eye;
It is suspended atop like a chandelier;
There are no words to be spoken;
Their fates rest with the images of time;
That the smokeless fire reveals;

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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