Friday, July 13, 2007

"Ghost Train"

Scrolling back through the pages of memories;
Whether they be others or my own;
I often wonder what the definition of;
Indefinite Invisibility means;
It is like a nail that clangs on the ground;
like clatter on the cobbelstones;
It is the mechanical click that comes from within;
The click that is like being crucified to ones own self;
It goes deeper than the soul;
It is at the place which is my moment in time;
And it travels to a place that goes;
Beyond all human percievability;
Where even angels may fear to tread;
To witness the tears that come from trees;
to gaze upon a building that is free from disease;
people are plastic and plastic is dust;
eyes that look on are difficult to trust;
I am reaching for something;
But I know not what;
It is the river that flows and resides within;
The sweet lullabys of ancient winds;
Walking the dream paths with the djin;
The smokeless fire of the counting of omer;
white fire is like water to the touch;
olives have the oil that carry the knowledge;
A tree is a culture of such;
For there are many but yet so few;
Who can tell of the writings on walls;
Though they be plastered or painted over;
Justice is within the law that falls;
I can hear the sound on the tracks;
As I stand in the haze of the rain;
I can hear the whistle blowing;
Around the bend is the locomotive;
That pulls the silent train;


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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