Friday, July 13, 2007


On my trodden path
She sometimes comes at dawn
Amidst the sounds within the forest
Of which I'm strangely drawn
In the clearing is in the silence
As though she had been waiting
In abdication of this dimension
Her presence so fascinating
To question why she chose this
Revealing herself to me
She floats there so gracefully
Like waves upon the sea
I named her 'Shadow'
On summer nights at dusk
She sometimes comes upon the path
With the fragrance of her musk
Mixed with the smell of wintergreen
That cascades from the trees
I can almost her whispering to me
In the lulling breeze
Perhaps she lived here long ago
Before her days were done
And came to walk this path I know
Which hides from yonder sun
As crickets chirp in distant calls
The rustling winds in trees do speak
Many times I've sought myself
What does she truly seek
She does not forbade my presence
Therefore I welcome hers as well

©2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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