Friday, July 13, 2007

"Following the Dream"

I'm in my '64 Ford on the road;
Headed for a beach I once saw in my dreams;
The radio plays my songs that I love;
I'm not bothered by the rain in the sky;
Or the sun that blindly gleams;
Down on a beach that only exists;
In the recesses of my mind;
Going down the road to the middle of nowhere;
To a place that I must find;
The Camel cigarette taste is stale in my mouth;
As the nicotine stings my tongue;
Are those sand dunes off in the distance;
Or the remnants of society's dung;
There is a pelican who soars in the sky;
Did he give me a wink;
There is a girl who walks on the beach;
I believe I will call her a mink;
The smell of the ocean fills my nostrils;
The song on the radio plays;
I smoke my Camel cigarettes;
Until the ending of days;
When I can shoose to walk on a beach;
And hear the sound of the gulls;
To watch the waves crash into the surf;
To a soft sounding song that lulls;
Lulling me into the beauty that exists:
Only in the center of my mind;

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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