Friday, July 13, 2007

"Welcome Visitor"

Ocosomemuh has come to visit me;
His companion is Yatoquemark;
Yato is like Oco's remorah that cling to a shark;
In the other world from where I was at one time;
Before I made my journey and began to climb;
What news will Oco bring me from places beyond;
Where I have yet traveled to go;
His last visitation brought me many visions;
I did not know of such things or that they could exsist;
Yato wants to play a bit as we greet eachother;
He is a prankster of sorts who cannot resist;
I am glad in my heart that he is with Oco;
He brings a spark of joy to his heart when he becomes burdened;
With the visions that he accumulates;
Oh how he resonates with the light from afar;
It is almost as if he is his own shining star;
What he tells me I will enjoy it with my friend Quigleanamos;
When he emerges from his crater and sits upon my cornerposts;
It is truly a meeting of the minds;

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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