Friday, July 13, 2007

"Haunted Visions within my Dream"

Feint images that come out of the past;
Ghosts in dreams-odd as it seems;
Imagined images that lurk in the closet;
Rising like steam-an eye with a gleam;
My dog on the bed,she will protect me;
I draw her near-out of my fear;
She gives a sigh as though asking why;
I nestle her closely and hold her in my arms;
She will protect me from anything that harms;
I wonder of the noises and the trap door to the attic;
Is there something up there that wants to get in;
Is that a spider over in the shadows;
The wind is banging on a piece of tin;
Or is it the man who lives in the woods;
The one with the beady eyes;
Those tree branches hanging just outside the window;
Look like the boogeyman in his disguise;
Wonder if the people who live next door;
Will scare off the man who lives in the trees;
Before he gets in with the lull of the breeze;
When will the sun replace the moon;
And silence the song of the lonely loon;
When the stars dissapear til the next night comes;
And the rattling of the wind once again sounds;
Over the hills and far away are the beady eyed demons;
Who hide in the woods and atop the mounds;


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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