Saturday, June 30, 2007


As a soloist apart from the crowd
Asphyxiophilia in likeness to familiarity
Fatal in the many ways
I am suffocated amongst my own kind
Memories become blank spaces
I am trapped between the rocks
Wherein waves that dash themselves
Upon the striations
Cross banded in every direction
Where there seems to be purpose
There is none
I am forlorn of comfort
With exception to the Heliotrope
Uninvited warmth then enters
Only because it is drawn from hope
In the valerian lavenders
Within the mirrors of reflecting sunlight
From a distant point to my inner soul
Bloodied spots of red jasper
Quicken my response to fate
As I walk in solitare reflection
The masses of people are drawn to me
Modification caused by the inflection
Guides me into another direction
Far away from those masses
They chase me as I continue to evade
Engaged in tactical moves
That place me upon the chess board of fates
Where no further direction prevails
Except that which is revealed
To eyes that have not pried unecessarily
In recompense for patience
Rather than causing vexation
As did the masses of people
Who are continually evaded
Until they cease to thrive

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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