Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Oceanic Relationship"

Hot sands all around me
I have no tears
An ocean in front of me
As are many oceans
I face my fears
Waves motioning
Beckoning for pity
Hot sand now slips
Through bent fingers
Returning to its birth
Life moves on
Skies come and go
Clouds are like
Fair weather friends
Things become the total sum
You see more clearly
As your heart mends
Held accountable
are my visions
Denizon of the deep
You shall not
Make my decisions
May you go about
Free from your deed
But you shall not
Cause me to heed
I will return
unto my ocean
Your act commited
Evoked emotion
Even though that fateful day
You changed my life
In this ocean
I shall return unto
That which I love
You seek out your next meal
Survival of the fittest
All will heal
Once again we shall touch
The waves together
We love so much
Bitterness in what we shared
My ocean heals
The fear that dared
To venture forth and touch the waves
Salted water upon those scars
In my ocean by grace it saves

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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