Saturday, June 30, 2007


Where there is darkness also thrives light
Sun to Moon-Day to Night
Where there is joy must also be sorrow
In each day that ends there must be tommorow
Where there is life must also be death
Negative to Positive-within the same breath
As though exhaling equals emanation
In likeness to an inundation
Inhalation is the insufflation
The pause in between is the existence
That thrives between life and death
Both ends of the tunnel come together
Womb to Tomb and Tomb to Womb
The thin veil that separates the two
Is the difference in likeness as is
Emanation to Insufflation
The emanation is the giving force
It has no need to take from creation
The insufflation is the taking force
It does not give anything in return
For those who can hear-take heed;
Listen and learn
Lest you should take the wrong turn
Both appear to be of the same
Yet one way is the road to an immortality
While the other shall not give unto
That which has been taken
To see behind the lifted veil
Of that which has been forsaken
A still small voice is always heard
One is a pseudo the other indubitable
Think back to the voice that was heard
It is there from the time of the womb
Clouded in concealed intellect
Revealed from within the tomb
Metaphors are always spoken
All shall not hear and see
On revelation from beyond
A call answered from a plea
That arrives from without
And resides in departure from within

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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