Sunday, July 8, 2007


From China my family came to this country
They worked on the railroad tracks
On mountains and praries
Leaning into each rail with their backs
Sweat and blood poured from them
The dogs were treated better
Years might go by before they sent a letter
Across the arrid plains
For the sake of the dreams of trains
They saw wonder in hoofs of thunder
Amazed at the plight of the buffalo
Witness to their endless slaughter
Dynamite blasted into solid rock
Trestlework fashioned over running water
With little pay for their labour
Pennies were saved becoming dollars
Soon others came to work
So that someday we might become scholars
I still walk the railroad tracks
Giving thanks to them from days of yore
Their sacrifices making all things possible
So that I might someday soar

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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