Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Light at the end of the tunnel"

I am a black man who remembers the ways
When things were different in darker days
Our minds were impounded in the ruins
Bitterness and salt poured into our wounds
There seemed no light at the end of the tunnel
Our souls poured into a giant funnel
That led to a place where our voice was not heard
Our cries ignored our vision blurred
Step by step progess came slowly
At great expense to those who ran the race
We walked in the same streets
Kept up the same pace
Behind closed doors our fates were decided
For no other reason than the color or our skin
Giants walked through those doors
With words that struck the heart within
A call to arms fought with phrases
That were met with very few praises
Lives were laid down for the good of the people
From the man who spoke from the church with no steeple
The balance became even as days passed by
There was no one who questioned as to why
Now I am a man who is content
Life is worth living as it was meant
What is said behind closed doors will always occur
But no longer does it cause visions to blur
I am a man who has known bittersweetness in my heart

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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