Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Andromeda upon the Rock"

I asked for no pity or acknowledgement
Rather it came to me inquiring so
Rejection and misunderstanding
Has been a familiar occurence for me
My tears are connected to my heart
My heart is connected to my mind
It is inseperable from my body
Yet within my broken spirit is a secret place
Where no rejection survives
It is true that Apollonius of Rhodes looked upon me
This is the name his mother gave him
But she did not teach him about compassion
He is a bloody sort who holds the head of Medusa
Not thinking about anybody but himself
Therefore because I am aloof and forlorn
I am known as Andromeda
Like a band of stars that remains separated
From all planetary bodies
Within its folds is the secret place
Appollonius slew the dragon and took me
Yet within his passion remained an objective
I revealed my true heart to Athena after my death
It was I who chained myself to the rock
Poseidon summoned Ceto for the work to be done
I am the queen of men even above and beyond
The oracle of Ammon
My feet upon the rock was my message
Take heed to the lapping waters
In likeness to the people who task me
I am whitened like marble from vexation
My heart pumps sorrow through my veins
Chained to this rock I pray that it will end
My father the king does not know my heart
Though I am the queen to all men
There is no man that knows what I desire
Rather it is foolish folly for them to think
That it is passion which I seek
My secret floats upon the gentle breeze
Yet it falls upon deaf ears
I am undiscovered and remote
My tears are not noticed except in the heavens
In a place where I cannot be touched or heard
Only gazed upon in wonder
Tender kisses and sweet breath only existed in my dreams

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! i don't know what to say! this is just...oooh...so...breathtaking! thank you!