Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Next year"

Momma works in the field all day
I have a place I can go to play
Other children are sometimes there
In the big doorway
That leads to the fountain where I can drink
We kick the ball and laugh
Once we got to hear some music
On a phonograph
My older sister goes to school
Next year will be my turn
To go with her and begin to learn
To read and write
I want to be a nurse someday
I will give my mother my pay
So she can rest by the house
Her work in the fields will be done
Our days will be good and we will laugh
Under the warmth of the sun

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Deema said...

hi! i like your poetry and drawn to the queer story of yours! you are giving stories to images we see lots of times, making life so easy to understand :) as if the lives you see are wandering aound your words i love it :)

i'll keep reading