Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Reflections of a City"

Towers like fingers that reach for the heavens
In the reflection from the impending storms
People who gather in the streets
Eager to witness how it all transforms
Ants who hustle their crumbs to the ground
Oblivious to the rains that shall come
The queen demands it from all her subjects
Like gaping holes that are closed with alum
Without their assistance the royalty dies
Beneath the open skies
Radios play the news of the day
Except in the elevators of the reaching fingers
Soothing music that deadens the senses
Reminding those who live in towers
That there are many fences
Like egg cartons with their own spaces
Segregation still exists behind the faces
Mask wearing citizens who know the game well
Hiding in the egg cartons amongst the eggshell
Twenty one days is all it takes
Until a beak pierces their prison into the air
Clouds compile in the magic mile
To shadow the thoughts of the unaware
Hidden agendas know their place
They remain frozen in their own disgrace
Until they are called like mad dogs for the slaughter
Hydrophobic imbeciles who cannot come near water
Remain on the elevators until their thirst
Allows them to foam at the mouth until their brains burst
The music continues to play in the background
In a city where nobody can be discovered or found

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

oh i am so glad i have found your blog! what wonderful writings! thank you for sharing yourself through your words...i will bookmark your page at once!

Moses said...

Glad to hear from you and that you like what I have posted.