Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Waterfront Blues"

Down by the pier under darkened skies
Coming to terms I must realize
Broken hearts over time will mend
Although it may not at the time seem so
My swollen eyes sore from tears
I rock myself to and fro
In somber silence I try to console
That for which I feel this loss
Noticably there is a shaft of light
In the ceiling of the sky just across
The bay where dreams are still afloat
When I am ready to sail the sea
Whispering winds will guide my way
Unvulnerable will I be to the repartee
In loss comes strength and wisdom
Acceptance of things that come to pass
I will cherish what life has to offer
As I rest in the softness of the grass
My mind is free as I sweetly sleep
All things in life will keep
Like chapters in a book of travels
I know not what my life unravels
Beams of light in the distance will be my guide

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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