Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Inner Visions"

The many thoughts in my connection
Sometimes my head is in pain
Words that are written upon paper
Many words though I must refrain
To ponder deeply in my own mind
Is rather something that I will find
But to reveal much would be to touch
Something that may hurt those who read
Lest they should become wounded
And mentally bleed
At my expense is the very reason
I remain close to each season
And reveal only small parts
To keep in mind others hearts
I have no desire to make hard connection
Or to cause any sort of ressurection
Of thoughts that float upon inspiring oceans
I am sure to reveal many emotions
That might invoke others to feel
What it is like to feel a lightning strike
That finds its mark like pulling reins upon a heart
With visions of wisdom that will impart
To have an effect on the human brain
In likeness to the ball and chain
I am chained to the earth and homeward bound
To a place that is yet to be found
Fleeing from the invasion of the many thoughts
Evading the intimacy of the pervading images
Skirting the boundaries of where I must go
Barely ahead of the invoking scrimmages
The impelling of the crowds who are compelling
Breaking rules with mental duels
So that the unlocking of secrets within the mind
Are easier for them to find
At the expense however intense
To the pain in my mind that I hope to find
Answers to prayer for those unaware
As I bask in the quiet of the silence
Before the storm that will commence

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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