Sunday, July 8, 2007

"I love life"

My hands are very big you know
I am strong as well
My good friend gave me this hat
I have lots of friends who live in my hotel
Everyday I watch cartoons
Then I go to work
Down by the newstand helping my friend
I am a newspaper clerk
My friend who I work for gave me a turtle
I named her Myrtle
She eats lettuce and sleeps all day
She doesn't move much and won't play
I put her in bed with me at night
So she will be safe and warm
I like to watch her sometimes
She likes to hear the rain in a storm
My mom comes to see me once a month
She brings sandwiches and we go to the park
She brings me coloring books sometimes
And brings my brother Mark
They talk to my friends when they come
To find out if I have been good
I like my mom and my brother too
I just wish they would
Come to see me more sometimes
I miss them once in awhile
The best thing I like about my mom
Is her pretty smile

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


JanDue said...

I like this poem. Is this someone you know? Charming.

Moses said...

It is someone I knew in the past.