Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Silent Landscape Within My Own Eve"

I walk in the solitude of the landscape
Moments of decision might I decide
Knowing full well I cannot forever hide
Or evade the rejections of my own mind
Although I maintain a step ahead in my pace
Routes of escape are continually planned
Vain attempts are made to disguise my disgrace
My inner most prayer is to bind myself
When it comes knocking at my door
Opportunity is met with the door remaining closed
As I anxiously pace the floor
Fear can be found walking in the way
Although I have much to say
My own mind prevents me from taking
The steps necessary for my awakening
Attachment is not an option
It's not my own idea of how it should be
I prefer to remain sulking in my corner
Readily awaiting for my chance to flee
From the very thing that is connected to me
For I to be-For I to be;
But alone and cursed for all time
High in my tower that reaches towards the sky
Counting the ways under my own breath
Never bothering to get past why
Even though I know I will not fall
I refuse to answer my call
Rejection is one of my greatest fears
I prefer to drown in my own tears
It's the safest way to be-even though I know it's not
Too bad the bullshit don't work on myself
I am a square block that fits into a round slot
Because and only because I say so

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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