Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"As the candle burns"

Capture a soul lost in rapture
Mingled with the flaming fire
Taken from the scrying
Let it die upon the heap
Words that linger
That will not keep
A light burns late in candle flame
Flickering spark within the mind
The juggernaut remains
In all that distains
Moving forward with brute force
In the only way it knows
To let it run its course
Many souls that will keep
In the eons of time
Under the skies filled with stars
They bear the many scars
The apothecary ponders
Simplistic minds that do not feel
Naked flesh with no elasticity
Flacid refusal to reveal
It is crass upon the nested furrows
Pretentiously forbidding as it grows
Nourishment is rejected for its own sake
Self pity as it grinds upon the stake
It abolishes its ownself
In fruitless actions that betray the mind
Struggling to understand the equation
In the utter persuasion
Alchemists search for ways
To turn them into gold
In never ending bittersweet days
The pendulum swings to either side
Like a metronome in its own beat
Endless clicking to the mechanical noise
Chaff that grows amongst the wheat
It remains in frozen poise
In pious ways of its defeat
In the vortex of a journey
In the tangled web of deceit
Fear not for the crying souls
Who reside submerged in vessels
At the mercy of a turning world

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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