Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Ascending from the Expanses Below"

Up the stairways path
In my own rath
Daggers in my eyes
I must wear my disguise
Simple words that are too strong
For absorption by the masses
Separation always exsists
Between the many classes
Ascending up the stairs
People who are in the street above
Who profess love
The psychopaths blend in
To hide among the cultures
Fancy words upon paper
Like teething vultures
They cannot feel real emotion
With exception to primal fear
The rest is wrapped around it
Although they seem sincere
Always a work that will be revealed
For all their own sake
Much is concealed
They would take such work and make
Weapons with words so they can take
Innocent hearts who know no better
Of the exsistence of the psuedo fakes
Who climb on as parasites
Hiding in the shadows like hungry snakes
In the pit where they shall slither
To and fro upon the Earth
Their personalities shall wither
For there is no emotion
They cannot feel
Only through the acceptance of others
Yea! Though they have also mothers
But they cannot feel real love
Blood is upon the pure white dove
As it falls to the ground below
Death is in its wings
Believe not the whiporwill
Hear not unto the song it sings
Remain in the places below the city
Do not allow your own self pity
To indulge in the missing parts of a brain
Listen for the sound of the departing train
Their goal is to make a smoke screen
To cause a rift between
What is real love but a respect
As an insect
Is pulverized into the pavement
Much as a mans dreams are done
When the true battle is won
Mind over matter-matter over mind
Fear not and you will find
Dead eyes that look through space
All can see it in their face
A corpse with a beating heart
That does not give so that all may live
But absorbs all in its path
To circumvent their own rath
They thrive off the energy of others
Social vampires who steal the mind
No idea is safe from their resentment
It is their path to total contentment
Living off of others dreams
Beware of their impending schemes
Cast salt into their eyes
Offer them only stale urine to drink
So that they may return to the bowels
Of the earth from whence they came

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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