Tuesday, July 10, 2007


His name is Oscar
He's a sensitive guy
Sometimes he gets so depressed
He's a one man dog who's really a human
Who gets a little obsessed
I tickle his feet with a twist of paper
He looks at me with eyes so wide
All I have to suggest to him
Is that we go outside
It doesnt take long for him to get ready
Once he gets out he wants in
A few bites of food then off to the bed
And that's all he does from therein
Under the covers he sighs in relief
Waiting for his afternoon nap
Oscar is my little buddy
He is quite an amusing chap
Sometimes he lays on his back with his feet
Sticking straight up in the air
Making a hissing noise like a vacuum cleaner
With a grin on his face that is rare
It's a waiting game until nap time is over
Unless it is time for a treat
Then it's time for some fun until he is done
And he is once again beat
No big deal-its nap time again
Oscar is a guy who is clever
Every day is another adventure
He thinks it will go on forever

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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