Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Final Countdown"

Now she's mad
I don't blame her
She came down all this way
To get me and take me home
From my place in New Orleans
Three more days are all that's left
She agreed to ten days with me
I listen to the jazz which reminds me of her
I been roaming four months now
I want to get lost in the music by the sea
I want her to be in the music with me
Down in the Quarter where my soul survives
The music in my heart that revives
Three more days-today is seven
Then it will be time for me to leave heaven
It's not so bad in the other place
At least she's there to steady my pace
I don't want to grow up and forget
The place where the music plays
My lady is my song though I must admit
Who fills my waking days
In this place without a care-it is my love affair
On the street where I feel the beat
Electrical impulses invade my body
I can deeply feel every note played
And all it may embody
The music and my lady are part of my soul
To do and be done are part of my role
I will keep the music of the streets in my head
And return to home and sleep in my own bed
My lady will be my music for me
I will smoke my cigarettes and caress her hair
And think of New Orleans and the love affair
Since I was a young boy on a roll
Looking for the place to fill my soul
I got three more days to be myself
With the music and my lady under the sun
Before this roll I'm on is done

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Christina Weaver said...

I just talked to you about this. It's true, no? I think you truly have a gift. I wrote poems when I was young but they were NOTHING compared to this. I was growing and trying, but man, you're there.