Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My mother searched the countryside
To look in places I might hide
Her journey would end to no avail
Her fingers numb-her face so pale
Her only child who wandered
Of whom she hoped to find
Down those winding tracks she walked
The many roads that wind
A twisting motion in her steps
Might she prevail in the end
I hide from her in all my places
To her love that I do send
Turn back dear mother was my message
You cannot look and see me now
Not this way in light of day
This my heart will not allow
And her reply was in my eye
She sent her thoughts of love
She would not go away
Until the call came from above
She walks and chases after me
From shining mount to lulling sea
Her song is heavy on my mind
For in her hopes are she will find
I know her love for me is deep
But I pray that she will keep
A picture of me in her mind
Her hopes that she will find
A facsimile of what I was
Before I tasted devil's brew
If only mother understood
If only mother knew
Her search will fail to bring me home
I will stay-destined to roam
I sent a message but I lied
Telling her that I had died
Now she sits upon the steps
Near her lonely porch
She silently weeps for my return
And holds the burning torch

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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