Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"In fear of the Boogeyman"

His name is the Boogeyman
who hid in the closet
When I was a boy of age eight
After the lights went out at night
He would stay awake and wait
I pulled up my blanket over my head
But I could hear his heavy breath
My father rescued me many times
From the close calls with Boogeyman death
You couldn't depend on him being in the closet
At times he would be under my bed
Waiting for me to hang my legs down
Past the edge of my bedspread
Sometimes he'd hide in the corner of my room
In the shadow of a tree from outside
Or he might be out in the hallway waiting
Just as had been prophesied
I would tap the end of my bed frame
'til our dog heard my call of distress
Here she would come to my bedside
To relieve me from all of my stress
The Springer Spaniel named Dutchess
She was fearless and vicious and bold
Climb under the covers with me Dutchess
Bite the boogeyman if he comes near us
And chase him out into the cold

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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