Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Recording Angelic Trio"

Their visitations upon the earth
This time they come as three
Events that occur in these moments
Are observed by recorders
Taking due notice thereof
In acts; be it hate or love
Time travelers who have no words
Who appear like fire birds
In trails of smoke and white fire
They are as if made out of clay
A mold has been broken
A gesture of a token
Sampling the ways of the people
High do they fly above the steeple
Where lightnings jump from rooftops
Carrying voices in the electric waves
Rising up in rebellion
Defying undug graves
Populations grow and are stacked in a row
Fire consumes the bones and flesh
There is no more room for markers
The names that appear have no meaning
Man is leaning upon man
With no power to raise the dead
Comes the day when all will dread
When the sun turns a blood red
The blind will lead the blind
Into the alleys to grind
Their molars will cease
Their pain will increase
The back doors shall be opened
Unto the streets
When the silver cord shall be loosed
The wheel shall be broken at the cistern
The golden bowl shall be broken
Fear shall be found in the way
Where desire shall be no more
The music shall be low
But yet a single beating heart shall grow
All is not lost but shall be at great cost
The sifting is like sand in the wind

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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