Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Healing by the Ocean"

I like to come here and sit by the ocean
The boats that dot the seascape
This is my place where I forget disgrace
I think of his grace the Pape
There is great strength in his words of hope
I ponder his meanings in my mind
Gulls fly by to let me know
That I'm not hard to find
Still this place gives me solitude
Where I am safe from harsh words
It is wonderful to be by myself
In the midst of the sea and the birds
Little cheese crackers that I share with them
As I dream of the flotila beyond
Where I will sail the many oceans
In my mind where exsists the bond
Of many harbors in many ports
Where no one can know of this time
I will talk in the paradigm language
As I make my solitare climb
Words that are spoken
Their many meanings
Not meant for all to hear
For those who see the real me
They will feel no fear
But they will see the gesture
And regard it as being kind
My feverent prayer is for all
In their journey to find
The real self-their true purpose
I know my journey will be good
I planted the seeds and spoke the words
Doing what I could
Alas there is peace to be found
I am once again upon solid ground
Sailing to and fro upon the oceans within my mind

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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