Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"In the Pity"

So much pent up emotion inside
Beyond this veil of silken black
Rapid eye movement sleep evades me
My constant vigil to take up the slack
All things in order as it should be
Ne'r is there time for a smile
Deep sensual orgasm is an afterthought
Placed in a heap upon the pile
Outward appearances are closely watched
To keep me from peering inside
The inner child remains in prison
Its cries muffled and cast aside
Decathect is the chosen exsistence
It is much easier that way
Nobody sees my tears
Emotions are kept at bay
So as never to betray
All things in order and neatly arranged
In perfect lines in perfect rows
Inside a part has died
Nobody else knows
Of my inner woes
In observance I see children
Who walk down the street
That I will never know
I must be discreet
To keep my anger at bay inside
There is no real God who has seen when I cried
A leap of faith is a fools way
I cannot feel any amount of pity
As I peer out my window with no place to go
In this unpredicatable place of my own solitude
In the concrete walled silent city
Where skyscrapers have no personality
Neither do the windows that are peered through
I have condemned my womb to doom
Exit stage left when comes my queue
Twenty seven skips to the tune of skidoo

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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