Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Revisitation to the Girl Next Door"

She was the girl who lived next door
I've known her most of my life
When we were kids it seemed as if
Our days were filled with rife
We walked the fields and played with frogs
Skipped stones across the pond
She was always better than me
Her ways had gone beyond
What times were had in laughs and smiles
Here I am upon the road
I am miles and miles from home
In my destiny to roam
I used to beat up other boys
When they would make her cry
And when they called her names
To see her deeply sigh
I lay awake in bed at night
And wonder of her tears
Upon her pillow she would weep
In that which interferes
She was my solitary friend
Who would meet me around the bend
She would wait by the old post fence
Until I came in times of whence
It was just her smile but it came from her heart
The sun would shine upon her hair
When we were young and innocent
Now she is the lady of fair
Upon returning home last moon
The news what she had done
My chances gone in the wind
Her heart belongs to another
The road had gotten tiresome
I had realized where my real love was
It had fled from the place it resided
I was once standing alone in memory
To find that someone kinder
Had stumbled on to find her
It was treasure kept up for me
I wandered the country and traveled the roads
Until it could wait no longer
I will remember in sweet memory
Her heart that was much stronger
Too late to lean upon her shoulder
Or remember the time that we kissed by the boulder
The only picture in my mind
Is that of her sitting upon the fence
Behind the trees in a slight breeze
Down by the stinky creek where we skipped stones
And told eachother about our dreams

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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