Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Nature's Flowers"

In a world of difference
Their minds are innocence
They know not a difference
Except what is taught
Behind closed doors
Where the action is
Can it be the sound of Jazz
On a street filled with people
Of untold cultures
Their future is in the hands
Of the music players
Who decide what tunes will be played
Upon their ears and into their minds
Or will it be the wild sounds
A calliope with horses who have additudes
The platform goes around in circles
Delerium tremors that circumvent the mind
Is it such a hard place to find
Like booze that fills the shoes
As those who walk the streets stumble
I want to see the crack of dawn
With the nooks and crannies shining
Hidden shadows that incubate in someones brain
As I sit on a train and take notice
That nobody is aware of what is around them
Their necks are crooked looking into books
That seem to have no meaning
Others stare as the Ipod hides them
The eyes of the innocent children are looking about
Looking into the eyes of the musicians
Searching for the beat that is in the street
Someone to make sure to tell
That they are not in hell
And that it's safe to feel lonely
Until the new dawn rises where all
Will not recognize
Johnny Come Lately sword bearers
Who refuse to change into humans
In their Prima Donna ways
Eventually there will be those
Who beat their swords into plough shares
Let them keep on staring as I sit on the subway
They know by the look in someone's eyes
That a different beat is in the street
All will croon to the tune
When the notes of the music change

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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