Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Everywhere I go"

She is ever present wherever I go
The actions are spoken in so many ways
As I travel down the many roads
Endless roads unto endless days
Sometimes I see the fury in clouds
Or the rushing waters of a nearby stream
Swaying trees bending with the wind
In the eye of a critter I see the gleam
Everywhere is the spark of life
In the ever presence of things that exsist
To observe my surroundings is a privelage
Something I cannot resist
The pulling on my soul are like reins
They pull like strings attached to my heart
Take this in and that in is what they are saying
But in action rather than words to impart
The actions in motion are words to me
They translate deep in my mind
Where sea and land and sky come together
To a point where I am able to find
Great secrets in life that are buried deep
I am a treasure hunter who sits atop the steeple
I take the visions and make them into words
And disperse their seeds to the people
Words shall grow alongside the visions
Their translations will reach out and touch
Multitudes will take up the banner
To sow more seeds as such
Unto the masses and into their ears
Dispelling myths and replacing all fears

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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