Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Ode to Brother Sun and Sister Moon"

A day on the beach building sandcastles
In the middle of the month of June
My sister was a special person
She always lived her life well and on her own;
Things got deranged-we became estranged
I began my search and found what I was looking for
My sister is still looking for it
Now we don't talk to eachother anymore
Life with the sandcastles was in our innocence
Great castles built upon the beach
I would tell her stories of them and how the knights of bold
Would battle the forces to keep the castle safe
Of the king and the queen who sat on thrones
The open markets in the breeze
Odors of fresh eatables like melons and cheese
And let us not forget bread
Soon the ocean tides would rise and the castle would be dead
I was not a knight and could not keep our castle safe
From the rising ocean tides where the plankton lived
When I saw my sister-I saw my mother
They both looked about the same
The way they walked-the way they talked
It was like visitation to the sandcastle once again
If even though in my mind-It was a place easy to find
But alas like those tides and in all that abides
The forces of nature have overcome once again


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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