Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Lost Hope"

They call me Doc wherever I go
Countless towns I have been
Wandering now for twenty years
The world is my home-I have no kin
Once upon a time I was a surgeon
I thought I was God with a scalpel in my hand
With the power to save people from the grave
The very spark of life in my command
But I had not the power when the day was done
To save the life of my only son
Out in the corridor his mother moaned
Inside that room I silently groaned
That night I died a thousand deaths
And lost track of how many breaths
Work and toil to make him live
God was not able to give
And I lost my soul that very night
No longer wanting to engage in the fight
Days turned into weeks
But my hand was not steady
My wife in resentment
For I could not save Teddy
The wounds were many-the injuries massive
Severe damage had been done to his brain
Driving his truck with a bottle of whiskey
He met head on with a moving train
The house is still there where I once had lived
The windows now are silent and dark
Part of the porch is caved in with dryrot
I no longer care to hear the song of the lark
I wander the tracks from town to town
Inside the tears still flow
I don't talk to God anymore
I am in the silent winds that blow

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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