Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Silent Past"

Of all the hours I laboured
Of all the men I've known
These silent corridors where
mass production was a miniscule
compared to the minds of those whom
worked alongside me deep into the night
The voices still echo from those behemoths
Their belching of smoke and fire
I used to think of Flash Gordon in the furnace room
Prince Baron at his side
While they were busy pitching coal
I was off in another place with Dale Arden
with kisses upon her face
Now the silent boilers are my only friends
In these dark corridors that resemble
The corridors of my mind
Of all the men who loved and laughed
Of all the stories told
We fought dragons of fire and talked of
The thoughts in minds and hearts
Our lips spoke of it and the visions were not far away
Of our children and our wives
The happiness in our lives
Even our dogs and houses that had a life of their own
And of what we would do on our days of rest
Working seven days-it was all in gest;
The great dream it still resounds in the echoes
It is fresh upon my mind and deep in my heart
There is that shaft of sunlight over there coming through the window
Just as it did before
Even though the sill is shattered and there is no pane
I wonder if that is the same sunlight that was
As I recall the voices of the past
Last time it was Ivan McGregor talking to me
His father at the immigration docks fresh off the ship
Or was it when his son was born into this world
And the night he cried because his mother was sick and dying
I walked him home and sat upon his porch as his dog licked our wounds
The ones on our hands;Not in our hearts you know-
Long gone but not forgotten days
There could be no trade for that which occured
It is my precious jewel that lives within


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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