Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Ode to Mr.Beady's Father"

You never miss water til the well runs dry
But I remember the look in dad's eye
When I was young we used to play
I listened as he would say
Words to me that still have meaning
That helped to mold my heart
The walks we took together
And how I would depart
The days that seemed so endless
Little did I know
I would become my own man
Although it happened slow
But dad was always such a part
Of what I did in life
Up or down we both knew our hearts
When we were in strife
This is the first year without him
at Christmas
He is fresh upon my mind
I am greatful for all the memories
And in my heart to find
The words we spoke and all the things
That we have done together
He is my sunshine that I feel each day
Regardless of the weather
In my heart he is still alive
And in my mind as well
I am greatful for my father and know
The water is still in the well
It has not run dry and never will
I feel his presence from moon to sun
He is just around the corner
And the only one
Who came to know me as I did him
My friend from my first day on earth
Thank you dad for all you did
Including my own birth


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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