Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Passing by"

I used to watch her when she was a girl
Little did she know I would ride those rails one day
Through all those small towns with the water towers
How many times would I go by the town I had come from
Without ever letting a soul know about it
I once peeked out of the boxcar and saw people I knew
Then dissapearred like the morning dew
On the outskirts of town I peeked out once again
And saw the lights from the old farmhouse
The place where I was born
A feint silhouette of the weathervane in the backdrop
It looked like a skeleton of what it had been
Sitting all forlorn atop its frame
Then it was passed and the open plains began to roll once again
I am but a wandering man upon the rails
Two cans of tuna and some loose tobacoo in my nap sack
With nothing more to say to the ghosts of my past
This rambling train that goes down the rails
I have more in common with it than I do with people
The alienation is good for my mind at this particular time
As I roll through the towns on my way to another day
Another place in my moment of time


© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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