Sunday, May 6, 2007

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Sleeping quietly upon my headboard
If I don't wake in his time
He will hop onto my pillow
Gently pulling at my eyebrow
Inspection of my ear may occur
Escape is impossible
When the pillow goes over my head
He can be felt walking up and down
Until he lifts up the quilt at my feet
Pecking at my toes
He will surely see to it that I rise
Just as the sun must rise each day
Where ever I go he will follow
Eating food from my plate
He has imprinted himself upon my heart
How I wonder if he could speak
We spend out time wondering
He wants to be like me
I want to be like him
A great eagle in ways
Majestic in pose
Sleeping in my pocket
He will slumber
In the safety of my clothes

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Promise"

Elevated he briefly stated
Thou shalt be in paradise with me
It lies beyond these double doors
We shall lay with society's whores
Fear not the place in potter's field
To my words give yield
I speak no more
My breath is gone
Soon shall come the evening dawn
We know not when the sun shall rise
Yet it knows of our demise
Verily it peeps over the cusp
Of a horizon
That burns the souls
Who dig our holes
Out in potter's field
Where ravens rest their wings
Doves go by
The church bell rings
Think upon these ponderous things
You who are amongst the living dead
Your unique feeling of what you dread
Is all in your head
Paranoid drama that haunts you so
Sexless pretenders to and fro
Thank the Gods that death saves us
From your meaningless words
Our time is spent listening to
Songs of gentle birds
Who mourn more for our souls
Than you ever will in your lifetime
For you are just the living dead
Old and worthless before your prime
Yea though we walk through this
Valley of death
We have no fear of crossing paths
With your kind ever again

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Hey your lookin' pretty good with that hat on;
And that smile on your face;
I like that look it really suits you;
Somehow I know you are agressive for your age;
Imagination places you on top of me;
Looking down you will say;
Aha old man now what will you do;
You have come to my town unannounced;
Now you are my prisoner;
To do with as I please;
You will write a poem for me each day;
Or I will not let you up from your place;
On top of me you say;
Why do you think I chose you;
Old men would not know what to do with it;
Even when offered;
But they contemplate greatly;
I will tap into your wisdom;
After you are drained;
I will cast you aside;
Like a vampire does when there is no more blood;
Lay there passively mind you;
Do not let my outer beauty beguile you;
Inside me is a passion you will never see;
But I will draw pictures for you in your mind;
The mere insight will drive you insane;
Then you will write no more for me;
I will bury you under my floorboards;
Each night I will make love to your bones;
Reading what you have written for me;
You will hear and I will tell you about the moon;
Then you will know;
I truly loved you from the time I first saw your face;
This is why I have buried you close to me;

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved