Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Blood Brothers"

Fourteen elephants working in the mud
Harnessed bulls pull the load
Up the way goes the big top
Sweat and blood spills onto the road
The canvas calls like sails on a ship
Whipping their tails in the wind
The yaw of the rope twists and sings
Bare knuckles exposed and skinned
The taste of mud and sweat mingles
Leaving its essence in my mouth
Tackle and wrestling with the canvas
So that I might have my way with it
Defeating hard winds from the South
There is turmoil in the menagerie
Ramah my elephant friend
I am upon her back once again
Her knees buckle into the bend
My first time out she took to me
Not a day has gone by since then
We have seen eye to eye
Beyond the understanding of all men
I know her cries-she knows my eyes
To this canvas what must be done
It is a fight against the ropes
Never ending until it has been done
Dust creeps into our bones
My callouses are in likeness to her hide
There is this thing between us that lives
For in it we live and must abide
Words that are spoken that only we know
Even more so their real meaning
Pull to the right and head off the wind
Uprighting the center pole which is leaning
Our hearts are never broken while at work
Patrons around who gawk as they lurk
This tarp like sandpaper chaffs my face
It gnaws and teases Ramah so
Rope burns us but still remains
Our everlasting companion
In deep respect we continue to go
Forward moving always moving forward
Background noises of steaming trains
Who are they to judge us
They know not of our pains

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Stranger"

I walk amongst the lands
My shadow follows and abides
Long ago I lost my mother
In this heart she resides
Slowly walking towards the grove
Dry grass licking at my shoes
A setting sun that barely shimmers
Many graves have I dug
To pay my daily dues
A patch of light invades this space
Evading points of no return
It offends my eye at times
In spite of what I learn
Sweetness overcomes the bitter
Bitter overcomes the sweet
Darkness is welcomed in these times
In haste I do retreat
To the silence in the boughs of trees
Far away from plunder
The sky blankets me from harm
In my sleep I wonder
Where sky and land and water meet
There I will be found
My shadow lingering behind me
What is left of me is homeward bound

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Two Sisters"

Sasha and Nina work in the center
Of the three rings under the Big Top
Today before work they get their shower
While I set up the ring with their prop
Later on I'll go down to see them
All fourteen of them standing so spry
They raise their trunks and wave to me
Sometimes I sing them a lullaby
From one foot to another they dance to the tune
Under the sky as I begin to croon
I have a lousy voice and they probably know it
But they don't really care
They like it when I talk to them like people
As long as I'm not elsewhere
I stroke their hides and scratch their ears
As they look for a pile of dust
The tack is out nearby their harness
Ready to mount them I trust
We still have some time before the show
Saturday they must do two
One more day in this lonely town
Before we will start out anew
Another distance we will all travel
To another lonely town
It's just another place on the map
As the sun creeps steadily down
Soon there will be the coolness of night
Sawdust flies in the breeze
I know by their gestures they are ready to go
Just like the flying trapeze
Another day-another dollar
Working close by with my friends
This is the life that I dearly love
In hopes that this all never ends

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Runaway Circus Boy"

The pay for my labor is the working stub
To get to see the show
Instead of that I take the five dollars
Hoping to let it grow
Not on the payroll I travel still
Working for the stubs
Trading them for my five dollar pay
Sleeping at night in the empty ride tubs
Sometimes the clowns let me run errands
Or I end up with the pachyderm's
Each day lessons are learned
Under harshend terms
That's how I cut my teeth on the show
I learned to sew the tarps where they would be strong
Braiding the ropes in bundles of sixteen
From twenty to forty feet long
Gently I talked to the harness bulls
Their trunks against my face told me clearly
I was no mere forty miler primadonna
But I was held in their eyes dearly
Kindness was shown in unspoken words
Gestures that stood fast in my mind
First sound of the ropes twisting
I knew my journey to find
Had finally come to an end

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Deaf Ears"

My voice called out many times
Always falling upon deaf ears
Quaint hints of my feelings
Revelations of my greatest fears
A world about me moves quickly
Not able to keep up the pace
Without some sort of assistance
It's imperative to drop out of this race
In contemplation it makes no sense
But then again no one knows
How my heart feels-what goes on in my head
How the fear inside me grows
No longer able to speak about it
Nobody gets the hint
I am like a shadow in darkness
Unable to leave an imprint
One last look out the window
In hopes I will see some vision
That tells me to stay on longer
Yet now comes my final decision
I fly away,I fly away,slowly-I fly away
Floating off to a place I know nothing about
I am drifting slowly away from all my pain

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Dreams of a Child"

As a child talks to dragons
Time goes on they fade away
Mere mention of those events
Appears as the folly of a child
Time goes on-Life goes on
The dragons still survive
In the deepest part of the mind
Although concealed and never revealed
If searching for them
They are not difficult to find
Brief liftings of the veil occur
Glimpses into what still survives
Dragons come in dreams at times
A time will come when all revives
Destruction of dreams are mere
Discouragements to one's own soul
What was intended and meant to be
Will always return to it's role

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Just around the corner"

Little trips taken to the coast
Down by the beaches of sand
That's my wife with her little sis
Both of them look so grand
They think I'm taking my afternoon nap
I'm about to give them a suprise
I'll jump out in front of them momentarily
Not leaving time to surmise
After the laughing we'll all take a stroll
And have a nice afternoon snack
Later will come the setting sun
As we start our evening walk back
Maybe my wife or her little sis
Will pull a prank on me
It's always been fun to joke around
I'm sure we would all agree
Life is good-it's full of hills
Up and down we all go
It's nice to stop and have some fun
To keep from feeling low
~I'm thankful to have good friends who love me~

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved