Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Secret Places"

Mingled trees upon the earth
Ebbing within is life
They speak in many ways
If you have the time to listen
Upon their ancient trunks rest
Visons from their time
Quitely they lull and observe
Taking in the vibrations
Each moment that goes by
Within is the creation of the seed
That brings forth new life
In their most giving deed
It is the small sprout in likeness
The newborn child that comes from its roots
Trees cast down lovingly
Not only upon their own kind
To all that is in life and nature as well
Fallen trees are unsung heroes
Cast upon the ground
Their children mourn aloud
Yet no once hears in the frenzy of the crowd
Softly speaking are the voices
A great thing has happened upon this day
Wisdom has been passed on
Their children shall grow and continue on
Recalling into memory the fallen ones
Dedicating their existence to them
In wonder as to why man does not do the same
Where words are spoken
Actions are not taken
The meaning of the words falls in weakness
Strong branches of trees cannot hold them up
Boughs thrive for their own sake
Fleeing leaves in flower escape upon the winds
To places where no harm can come to them
Safe from words that are spoken that have no worth
They are upon those winds to secret places
To dwell within the earth


© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved