Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Infinitely Within"

Restless soul which resides
Within my inner being
The endless miles you have followed
Witness to the clattering upon
Decaying cobblestone streets
Avenues taken in haste
At first out of instinct
Followed for the sake of curiosity
Sitting upon strangers porch steps
Deep inside there is something amiss
The power of my inner being
Reckoning with its caress
Upon lips that prefer being held
To words upon lips unto my ear
In this solitude pondering
The many times you consoled me
As the night air brought forth tears
Venturing downward upon my cheek
You absorbed my shock into reality
Through life's joys and mishaps
Always with me before time
Ever after once the barrier has been crossed
Your presence shall be constant
Enduring the trials and tribulations
Greater psalms shall never be uttered
Than what have been imparted to us
Provocation on the strings of lyres
Shall bring no melody greater than ours
Even in the multitude of crowds
We stand alone
Acutely aware of our difference
In the creation we thrive
The roots which are deep
Brings forth the vine that grows
Slowly it creeps into the darkness
In the coolness of the shade
Only taking from the Sun its share
The morning dew shall quench
For in the creation we thrive

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved