Sunday, June 7, 2009


I've gone to the crossroads many times
Each one leads to the promised land
It's carried me home to the prairies
Deep down into the delta where life was grand
To the trainyards where I hopped a freight
Big City lights where the skyscrapers moaned
Open skies where a heart never dies
Where only the wind has groaned
Present since childhood
Others never ruled my day
To believe or not believe
Having to choose the way
Not taking to the paved roads
Going to the unmarked path
To places unknown to most
Not worried about
The incurrence of wrath
I came to know the way
Of the elephant and the owl
In the streets of New Orleans
All of the places
The forgotten faces
Things that occured
Over time it all blurred
But I remember
People and their voices
Their needs and their fears
Pouring their hearts out
As they wiped away tears
The laughter at times
To keep from crying
Good times were to be had
Our thoughts far from dying
The roaring of the crowd
I knew all to well
Crossroads always within my reach
To escape before hell
A little time passes
Once they get too familiar
It's time to move on
Many roads to travel
It calls to me in the distance
Never a prayer spoken
Asking it to depart
Through the fog it's apparent
Then it becomes crystal clear
Another crossroad beckons
Unmarked paths
Leading to other promised lands
Beyond those winding tracks
The clattering of the wheels
Pounding in the sounding
The engine pulls its load
Its horn plays the moaning melody
Escape is just around the bend
At the crossroads
To which there is no end

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Message To My Muse"

When you were a child
I already knew you existed
Your voice had already
Entered into my dreams
It took me quite awhile
But once found
I knew you were the one
Who had haunted me
In my dreams
All the miles in between
Mere milestones along a path
The bridge in my heart
Gaps the distance
As the moon rises in the sky
To open the beauty of the night
So rises my heart
To the occasion of your presence
The stars are like a crown
In the heavens
Shining down onto all that is beneath
Evermore it is a sweetness unto me
When I rise up to meet each day

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Dove"

I am the dove of lonely hearts
Close by those who need me
Ever since my early days
Their hearts have called to me
Each day I take flight
To bring comfort
Who need me by their side
Whether it be beneath the sun
Or under the stars and moon
Gathering all the hearts that are scattered
From every place they are strewn
If you call upon me softly
I will come

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved