Friday, May 20, 2011

"Ode To My Muse"

Her heart's been broken many times
They don't hear her inner voice
They shake their heads and pretend to agree
In other things they want to rejoice
Her mind is such a lovely thing
She has a song to sing
I hear the melody in my heart
It pulls me like the reins upon my steed
As the hart enjoys sounds by a brook
It fills my inner need
I have not said so as of yet
In all these years I've known
A day will come when I will speak
To reap the seeds I've sown
I dream to carry her in my arms
To reside in her heart
And she will know that I will stay
Never to depart
For I know the pain she's felt
I've cried my tears for her
And sat alongside while she slept
To see if she would stir
I counted all the breaths she took
Each one precious as it was made
The image of her in my mind
Could never fade
For she is beauty of all that flows
Her gentle caring ways
To wipe the tears from her cheek
To spend my ending days

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Enfolded within myself
As the world around me thrives
My sensitivity
To the incoherent sounds
Everything that surrounds
From the many in the street
Who have such lives
Feeling the pain
As well as their joy
Like a stray dog who lives
From day to day
Surviving on scraps
From sympathetic passers by
The visions I have seen
Feed my heart
As I live within my own self
Upon the hardened sidewalk
In the jungle of concrete
Amidst the weeping skyscrapers
That hover above
© 2011 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved