Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Under the canopy formed
Along the path I walk each day
Entangled together in unison
Under skies of grey
Brief openings where I see the sky
The flight of birds under clouds
Covering me from the glaring sun
Friends who entangle me within them
Like gentle shrouds
Every one has different form
Each has its own name
Many times they have inspired
Words which I proclaim
Debts owed unto them
In my many times of strife
When I have sat beneath them
In perspective of my life
There are no words spoken
Amongst these giants who defy time
Still I feel they speak to me
Their grandeur so sublime
Each leaf that falls upon the ground
Reminders to me
They are the children of the trees
Who make their silent plea
Another generation comes and goes
Seeds that have been sown
Another season comes and goes
Grateful in my heart to them
And all that they condone
I am the living voice of the trees;
That float along the breeze
Into the ears of all men
Who walk upon this earth

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved